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When you want a tinter that is highly accurate and a space saver, the NSC-80 is a great buy. This machine is great for:
Paint Manufacturer Owned Stores
Hardware Store Paint Departments
Paint and Home Decorating Retail Operations

Requiring no special skills for use, the NSC-80  uses simple push-pull dispensing with notched  gauges  on piston pumps to eleminate  error and improve customer satisfaction. The canister content lasts a while so you dont have to constantly refill the machines, which gives you time to serve your customers. This machine is also really easy to clean. 

Amount of Canisters
10 Canister Unit
30" (76 cm.)
12" (30.5 cm.)
54" (137 cm)
12 Canister Unit
30" (76 cm.)
12" (30.5 cm.)
54" (137 cm)
14 Canister Unit
30" (76 cm.)
12" (30.5 cm.)
63" (160 cm)
16 Canister Unit
30" (76 cm.)
12" (30.5 cm.)
72" (183 cm)

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