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When  space, speed and saftey are of a concern, the Harbil GQB Mixer is a High Preformance, top-quality mixer that fits easily on a countertop and is the perfect solution for:
Independant Paint/Decorating Dealers
Hardware Store Paint Departments
Home Center Paint Departments
Retail Paint Departments

       We now re-manufacture the old GQB friction drive style transmission arm and can holder into the new gear drive style.  Dont like the new can on the retro kit? Neither did we.  Keep your old style can, with the new gear setup.  Core is required to be shipped back when new assembly is received.

Old Gear Conversion

Refinished Gear Conversion

       The GQB Mixer quickly and efficiently mixes paint contained in gallon (4 liter), quart(liter), and pint(1/2 liter) containers. Much faster than conventional "shakers", the GQB thoroughly mixes paints, stains, and varnishes without aeration or foaming. As one of the safest and quietest mixers on the market, the GQB mixer is ideal when your space is limited and when coustomers are in  a close proximity. You can set the automatic timer for 5-second to 3-minute mixing cycles. This mixer is very low maintenance.

Counter Top Model Cabinet Specifications


18 1/2"



24 1/8"

(62 cm)



(38 cm)

Shipping Weight

101 lbs

(45.8 kg)

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